Availability and Referrals

UPDATED May 2021: Hello! I currently do not have availability in my practice and my waiting list is full (probably until Sept 2021). Please note that I only provide video/telephone therapy and that I will be reserving any new openings to clients who have experienced female genital mutilation/cutting. Please review my “Psychotherapy” page before contacting me, in order to see if we might be a good fit. If you would like a referral, here is a list of colleagues you may want to contact:

Petra Najafee

       Chloe Montclaire

       Emily Hostland

Jenny Cheng 

       Maheen Hyder

Aisha Tambo

Sheila Banerjee

       Tracey Jastinder Mann

        Sandeep Hunjan

        Heidi Mehta

      Vaidilė Plėštytė 

       Nadia Saad

Click here for an extensive Toronto Queer and Trans therapist listing.

If this is an emergency, you might want to contact The Gerstein Centre, a community-based, 24 hour crisis centre.

Here are low-cost therapy options through Toronto Institute of Relational Therapy and Affordable Counselling and the Gestalt Institute. You might also want to check out Jaya Health’s by-donation community clinic.

A couple of free services: Women’s College Brief Psychotherapy Program, North York Women’s Shelter (free counselling program for any woman living in NY area 437-777-3399).

Check out this low-cost 15 min/day, 40 day online mindfulness program that I like.

What to do when your amygdala hijacks you

Here’s a video that describes what we can do when we need to trick the amygdala back to calm. It’s a video for kids, but I find it helpful for adults too.

PEACE: a 5 step mindfulness technique to reduce emotional intensity

I’ve taught this technique for calming to many clients and thought I’d record it here for those who need a refresher.

Stan Tatkin on “Fighting Well”

Watch this 5 minute video, full of good tips about fighting well with our partners. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4758580479001/how-fighting-well-can-strengthen-your-relationship/ 

Podcast by Tara Brach: on learning to respond instead of reacting

Tara Brach is one of my favourite speakers/teachers on mindfulness. I often listen to her podcasts while cooking or as I relax before bed. This one is about how the brain “flips its lid” when we are triggered or reactive, and how we can learn to slow down, come down and respond more mindfully. She’s smart and kinda funny too.


Understanding infidelity

Esther Perel speaks eloquently about the meaning of cheating and the ways couples can repair and recover from it.

Apps for wellness

For most of us, our smart phones are like second brains. Why not use them to help us calm? Here is a list of apps to help with anxiety, PTSD and finding acupressure points and AA meetings. Many of them are free.smartphone