PEACE: a 5 step mindfulness technique to reduce emotional intensity

I’ve taught this technique for calming to many clients and thought I’d record it here for those who need a refresher.

Podcast by Tara Brach: on learning to respond instead of reacting

Tara Brach is one of my favourite speakers/teachers on mindfulness. I often listen to her podcasts while cooking or as I relax before bed. This one is about how the brain “flips its lid” when we are triggered or reactive, and how we can learn to slow down, come down and respond more mindfully. She’s smart and kinda funny too.

Apps for wellness

For most of us, our smart phones are like second brains. Why not use them to help us calm? Here is a list of apps to help with anxiety, PTSD and finding acupressure points and AA meetings. Many of them are free.smartphone

Why Trying Something New is Good For You

Most therapists love to assign homework that encourages clients to try a new habit, thought, stance or process. I’m no exception. The reason is neuroplasticity. When we do┬ásomething new (over and over), our brains change.