PEACE: a 5 step mindfulness technique to reduce emotional intensity

I’ve taught this technique for calming to many clients and thought I’d record it here for those who need a refresher.

Apps for wellness

For most of us, our smart phones are like second brains. Why not use them to help us calm? Here is a list of apps to help with anxiety, PTSD and finding acupressure points and AA meetings. Many of them are free.smartphone

Microaggressions: oppressive comments that sting

Over the last few years, academics have been talking about microaggressions, oppressive “tiny off-hand comments that sting”. Here’s a New York Times video about the issue.


Can Racism Cause PTSD?

My clinical and personal experience tells me that racism, as well as other forms of systemic oppression, can be traumatic. Here’s a useful article by Dr. Monica Williams on the links between racism and PTSD.