Bird feeders, purpose and love

Here’s a quirky and poignant article by Tista Sen, about how a bird feeder brought purpose to her partner’s life, and renewed their long-term relationship.

Stan Tatkin on “Fighting Well”

Watch this 5 minute video, full of good tips about fighting well with our partners. 

Sue Johnson on the 4 Laws of Love

Dr. Sue Johnson is a leader in the field of Emotionally Focussed Therapy. Have a look at what she has to say about attachment, atunement and love.


Understanding infidelity

Esther Perel speaks eloquently about the meaning of cheating and the ways couples can repair and recover from it.

Missing an ex and other troubles

Have you heard of Philippa Perry? She’s a psychotherapist and “agony auntie” who writes for The Guardian. Here are her video responses to callers who are getting through break-ups, looking for work, changing narratives about their sex lives, establishing adult relationships with parents and other life issues.



On loving more intelligently

Here’s Sue Johnson on loving more intelligently. What I find compelling about her talk is this: loss of connection triggers feelings of threat–of being rejected or abandoned. And she says we have no control over these feelings because we are hard wired to need connection. We do, however, have control over what we do with those feelings, and how we communicate them to our loved ones. Watch and see what you think:

How To Be Alone

Many of us fear being alone or feeling lonely. This video by Andrea Dorfman is a lovely elegy for learning to be alone…

Esther Perel on Desire in Long-Term Relationships

Must desire wane with time? Is Lesbian Bed Death (or it’s straight, gay and bi equivalents) inevitable? Here’s Esther Perel’s witty and astute take on how to blend both security and the erotic in  long-term relationships.