The power of power poses

Can our body language affect our confidence? Amy Cuddy suggests that “power poses” held for 2 minutes can lower cortisol and increase testosterone levels in the brain.

How To Be Alone

Many of us fear being alone or feeling lonely. This video by Andrea Dorfman is a lovely elegy for learning to be alone…

Take a Break

Most of us have trouble unplugging from e-mail and social media when not at work. Perhaps we feel a great deal of internal and external pressure to remain accessible to colleagues, bosses, customers and clients. This article by Daniel Levitin explains why our brains need breaks and how to take them so that we can rest and be more productive too.

And this is a good time to mention that I’ll be on vacation from August 25-September 8. I’ve set a goal to (mostly) unplug. Wish me luck!

Being on Autopilot

Up to 95% of our behaviours happen at the subconscious level. Here’s a succinct explanatory video about the subconscious mind.

Why Trying Something New is Good For You

Most therapists love to assign homework that encourages clients to try a new habit, thought, stance or process. I’m no exception. The reason is neuroplasticity. When we do something new (over and over), our brains change.


Esther Perel on Desire in Long-Term Relationships

Must desire wane with time? Is Lesbian Bed Death (or it’s straight, gay and bi equivalents) inevitable? Here’s Esther Perel’s witty and astute take on how to blend both security and the erotic in  long-term relationships.

Dealing with Emotional Difficulty

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed? Tara Brach offers a 4-step approach to responding to our experiences mindfully.

What’s the Opposite of Jealousy?

Here’s an interesting article about compersion, a term coined by the polyamoury community. It’s a response to jealousy, one that can be useful to folks in all sorts of relationships, including monogamous and non-monogamous ones.

And here’s another way of seeing jealousy–from a social network point of view.

Can Racism Cause PTSD?

My clinical and personal experience tells me that racism, as well as other forms of systemic oppression, can be traumatic. Here’s a useful article by Dr. Monica Williams on the links between racism and PTSD.

How Does Your Attachment Style Impact Your Relationships?

Have you ever wondered how your attachment style impacts your relationships? This article explains attachment theory in simple terms.

You can learn more about your attachment style by taking this quiz.